What originated as a celebration of the spring crawfish season down in Louisiana has transformed into an event worthy of the Great State of Texas!

Enjoy delicious mudbugs (prepared by The Boil House and The Cravin Cajun) and 8th Wonder's excellent selection of beer. Good music and even better company await you on your journey to crawfish and beer nirvana.

Trust us, Crawfish and Brews is an event you won’t want to miss in 2017!

HOUSTON: 4.30.17 | 12:00pm-6:00pm |  8th Wonder Brewery |  2202 Dallas St. 


Mannie Fresh - 4:30PM

The Bright Light Social Hour - 2:45PM

BomBon (wit DJ Gracie Chavez & DJ Act Badd) - 1:15PM

Havoc Wagon - 12:00PM

I’ve always been proud of my Louisiana roots. I can remember attending large family functions. You came for the delicious spread but it was the music and people that got you to stay. It has been my pleasure to share elements of those memories, through this event.
— Joseph Boudreaux, Founder