5th Annual


Crawfish and Brews, originating as a backyard celebration of the spring crawfish season, has transformed into an event worthy of the Great State of Texas! 

Through 4 editions of Texas' annual crawfish party, the Crawfish and Brews Crew have championed "Good Vibes". The 5th installment of the event will be no different! 

Come enjoy delicious crawfish (also affectionately called mudbugs and crawdads) and an excellent selection of craft beer. Good music and even better company also accompany party goers on their journey to crawfish and beer nirvana.

This year, Crawfish and Brews is partnering with 8th Wonder Brewery (Houston) and Community Beer Co. (Dallas).

Trust us, Crawfish and Brews is an event you won’t want to miss in 2018!


8th Wonder Brewery
Community Beer Company